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Top 10 SIEM Consulting/Service Companies in Europe - 2020

Factors such as virtualisation, cloud computing, mobility, and a continuously evolving IT landscape have led to the numerous changes in the SIEM market. Traditional SIEM platforms are no longer capable of meeting the needs of security professionals that face new and emerging threats. SIEM services’ capabilities in the past were limited as a convenient tool to help organisations achieve and maintain compliance. However, today that is not the case.

Effective SIEM services today include a range of analytics and AI to detect threats across the spectrum, from malicious insiders and sophisticated advanced persistent threats to ransomware and other commoditised malware. AI-powered analytics that determines the root cause of existing anomalies are emerging in the marketplace and becoming essential tools for both full-scale and ad-hoc investigations. That being said, AI analytics will not replace existing rules or anomaly detection algorithms, since these are essential to help analysts detect potential threat signals.

Sooner or later, AI assistants will be introduced to help analysts set up, configure, and continuously maintain use cases within the SIEM. New machine learning techniques can help security systems identify patterns and threats with no prior definitions, rules or attack signatures, and with much higher accuracy. Security solution providers are also integrating their SIEM solution with big data infrastructure to give organizations the power to avoid the potential embarrassment of processing all the data/events required to detect a security breach.

As a multitude of these SIEM technology trends is set to nurture the cybersecurity industry’s growth, Enterprise Security Magazine has compiled a list of leading SIEM service providers in Europe. The enlisted organisations are transforming the SIEM processes at the convergence of several disruptive technologies. Besides, the magazine also comprises insights from thought leaders in the sector on the industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and their advice for the aspiring CIOs.

We present to you Enterprise Security Magazine’s, “Top 10 SIEM Consulting/ Service Companies in Europe-2020.”

    Top SIEM Consulting/Service Companies in Europe

  • The cybersecurity experts at SECUINFRA help their customers employ suitable SIEM tools to detect and identify compromised infrastructures as quickly as possible to minimize organizational damage. The company ensures that clients are never overwhelmed with multiple security alarms going off simultaneously in the eventuality of a cyber-attack. Instead, it analyzes cyber-attacks and compliance violations in detail and informs clients about the outcome of its analysis

  • Cyberseer​


    Cyberseer offers a 24×7 Managed Security Service (MSS) which fuses both machine learning and behavioural analytics from industry-leading vendor technologies with Cyberseer’s automation and contextualisation platform to equip analysts with a prioritised view of potential threats that an organisation will face. All threats are reviewed and managed to closure by Cyberseer in collaboration with the customer

  • dacoso


    dacoso, IT service provider based in Langen, uses ConnectGuard ™ cloud encryption from ADVA for its own company network. With the industry's first cloud-native solution that is completely virtual and can be installed in any cloud environment, dacoso secures the data connections of its data centers in Germany, Austria and Switzerland as well as all cloud connections. As part of ADVA's Ensemble family of products, ConnectGuard ™ Cloud offers robust, low-latency network protection and provides reliable end-to-end security on network layers two, three and four

  • Data Security Solutions

    Data Security Solutions

    Data Security Solutions is 100% IT security focused and specialized in complex, innovative cyber security technology integration and full scope of related services. Technology solutions consist of and includes Data Protection, Endpoint Security, Network Security, Mobile Security, Application Security, Identity Protection, Cloud Security and Security Management. For years it has been one of the best known cyber security system integrator names in the Baltic Sea Region and is known also internationally

  • evoila GmbH

    evoila GmbH

    Specializes in design, building, automating and operating Cloud Infrastructure from small environment to large multi-site operations. In addition to log management, our evoila consulting team also supports you in connecting your cloud log and event sources and implements the security use cases that are really relevant for your business and your security operations team. In this way, we also expand your existing SIEM as a central instance for attack detection

  • Gravitate GmbH

    Gravitate GmbH

    The company's core competencies are monitoring and security also providing analysis and advice through conception and programming to commissioning. Consulting - product delivery - implementation - test - training - managed services. From SMEs to enterprise customers, we cover all requirements for secure and contemporary monitoring of your IT environment

  • Nettitude


    Nettitude’s security testers hold the highest technical qualifications available to provide real world, human led testing services. These services include penetration testing from the advanced techniques of CBEST & Simulated Targeted Attack and Response (STAR), through to the broader assurances of Cyber Essentials, social engineering, red teaming exercises, and vulnerability assessments.Provides threat led services that span technical assurance, consulting and managed detection and response offerings

  • Northwave Security

    Northwave Security

    Provides services in network security and telecommunication, outsourcing, Business Intelligence and customer contact management

  • PowerNet Consulting

    PowerNet Consulting

    Power Net Consulting is to provide customised and scalable IT solutions and services to economic agents that are preoccupied by developing their own businesses by updating and developing the computer infrastructure they employ, the Power Net Consulting solutions being formed of compact, integrated, reliable, performing, and accessible packages. The investment in training and specialising our personnel, for the benefit of our clients and employees, remains a development priority of the company

  • SPP


    SPP’s core competencies are IT-security, enterprise content management, change and transport management for SAP-customers, as well as operational intelligence (log-management and SIEM solutions). SPP works primarily with the IT-departments from major enterprise accounts. It provides services in the area of product evaluation, planning, implementation, support, and training, so our customers can focus on the operation and day-to-day business of their IT-infrastructure